Longleat Koalas

After a substantial amount of design work and a lengthy construction phase its great to see the arrival of the Koals at our newly completed exhibit at Longleat.This project consists of 2 separate Koala enclosures, both with indoor and outdoor areas. There is also a large Enclosure for Hairy Nosed Wombats with a large outdoor exhibit and an indoor burrow area.

In addition to the exhibits there are also new back of house areas including a chilled food store and quarantine / veterinary room.

The five Southern Koalas and 2 Wombats arrived in October from Cleland Wildlife Park near Adelaide and are making themselves at home. The feature will not be open to the public until next spring giving the animals plenty of time to settle into their new home.

This was a turn-key project by nautilus and one we are very proud of. These are the first souther Koalas in Europe and we feel privileged to have been a part of this process.


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