Penguins & Jellyfish

A multi-tiered enclosure design & installation on the edge of the English Channel

The penguin exhibit is an exciting new feature with split-level viewing, as part of an extension to the existing Oceanarium. It features a large pool with nesting beach, free-flying birds and a walkway over the pool on the upper level. While the lower level features amazing underwater views, as well as a new jellyfish exhibit. The large balcony we built on the open top level offers beautiful views over the English Channel.

What we did:


  • Designed and installed life support systems (LSS)
  • Fibre-glass lined the pool, beach area, quarantine and bird roost area
  • Specified and installed the large underwater glazing panels
  • Installed extensive rock theming to enclosure, bird roost and public viewing windows
  • Design and installed jellyfish feature, including the lighting and LSS
  • Created mural artwork for the enclosure and public viewing areas

United Kingdom


Enclosure Design & Build


Life Support Systems
3D Modelling
Tank Construction
Enclosure Design

“A large pool & nesting beach to keep the residents happy & healthy”