The biggest development in UK zoo history

We have had a long working relationship with the team at Chester zoo working on a number of varied projects. The Islands project was developed in 2 phases spanning four years.

In the first phase we were initially brought on board to consult on the life support design for the water features including the large iconic Crocodile display. Once the project got underway we were contracted to carry out the installation of the water features, Tiger stream & pool and Crocodile exhibit filtration systems. In addition to these works, we lined the crocodile tank and installed some huge glass panels. In addition to the glazing in the tropical house we also installed the large semi submerged glazing panels in the Tiger pool. Our works also included design and install of the systems in various streams and pools in the outdoor areas.

Once phase two got underway we set to work on the Tapir exhibit where we carried out all of the rockwork theming to the indoor and outdoor displays. We also designed and installed the stream and associated system as well as all of the mudbank and rockwork theming in the walk through aviary. The final element of our works on this project was the design and install of the stream, pool and rockwork theming in the outdoor Sun Bear exhibit.


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    “Ensuring the residents within this massive development ARE happy at home”

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