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Design & Build of a rockwork feature for the core rooftop garden at

cornwall’s stunning eden project

As part of the new Core re-imagining project carried out in 2017 /2018, we were asked to provide a stunning rockwork feature for the rooftop garden. This exciting project was carefully planned with the designers and horticulture team at the Eden project. The natural effect rockwork we produced had a large number of planting ‘sockets’ with irrigation incorporated in order to grow a variety of ferns, mosses and other small plants.

We had a small team on site for just over 2 weeks on this project, creating the steel formworks off site before starting. Once we had formed all of the planting sockets and the irrigation hoses were fitted we applied our special render before shaping, sculpting and colouring. This unique feature is on the core roof terrace and provides a stunning dining area for visitors.

It was a privilege to be asked to work with the Eden project on this feature and the result is simply stunning!


St Austell
United Kingdom


Core Rooftop Garden


3D Modelling

“A secret retreat up on the roof in the middle of paradise”

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