giant otters & cuban crocodlies

A BRAND NEW HABITAT bringING central & south america to the heart of wiltshire

Having already established a good working relationship with the team at Longleat, we were asked to come up with a concept for re-developing the existing Penguin exhibit and Ray tank. The  brief was to look at converting the existing exhibits to something else, as the Longleat team had taken the decision to re locate the penguins to another area.

The time frame for onsite re-development needed to be very short (3 – 4 weeks), as Longleat are very busy for most of the year. Once we discussed a few options, we decided that Giant river otters and Crocodiles would be a great option as the existing enclosures could be modified quite effectively to create two very different exhibits for these new species.

The whole project was undertaken in less than 4 weeks by a team of 6. We installed a number of large glazing panels, lots of new rockwork, mural artwork, planting and heating systems. The results were very well received by the Longleat team and had a great impact on the visitors – proving to be a very popular new addition to the zoo.


United Kingdom


Otter & Crocodile Habitat


Turnkey Design & Build
Enclosure Design
Mural Artwork
Heat & Light Installation

“new life moves into a completely overhauled penguin exhibit & former ray tank”

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