Building a plane, inside a tank… underwater

Our mission was to create a full size replica of a Walrus Supermarine amphibious aircraft and safely install it inside one of the large tanks at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth.

This required a great deal of planning as the only suitable access into the tank was via a small hatch halfway up the side of the building. The other factor was that the tank was still full of water!

We fabricated the wings, fuselage and propellers separately and then carefully hoisted each individual part into the building. Once everything was inside we carefully lowered each section of the plane down into the tank using a series of pulleys and hoists. We also had a team of experienced divers to assist with the positioning of the plane once it successfully reached the bottom of the tank. Lastly we attached each section together to form the plane.


United Kingdom


Walrus Tank Theming



“This was a very exciting and ambitious project and we were glad to be a part of it”

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