lion pride lands

An amazing habitat for the king of the jungle with giant trees, waterfalls and even pride rock itself

After a successful project building the new Anaconda House, the team at the park asked us to work with them in re-developing an old exhibit and surrounding area into an exciting new lion exhibit. The brief was to create an immersive and engaging feature to highlight the plight of this amazing species.

Once we had worked on the design and all was agreed with the team at the park, we were set to start work. Working through the winter months we designed and installed the footing for the large building to house the indoor dens, the building measured 18 metres long by ten metres wide. The front side of this building was fully themed to create a huge cliff with a waterfall cascading into a stream and pool. The large indoor den was fully themed and viewed through 2 large glazing panels.

The enclosure is viewed form a variety of interesting angles including through the trunk of a giant hollow tree. This themed sculpture is over 6 metres tall and 6 meters wide and features a number as small viewing panels into the exhibit. Visitors can also view the lions from a number of points including the indoor lodge as well as from the Land Rover which is half inside the exhibit with the lions!

The iconic centrepiece of the exhibit is the large ‘Pride Rock’ where the lions will enjoy an overview of their new habitat.


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Lion Enclosure


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“there’s even a landrover half inside the enclosure to let you get up close and personal”